Community Management

Engaging with your community of your fans and followers has become an essential part of any online marketing activities. Regular posting, responding to comments and prompt answers to your direct messages not only a way to stay in touch with your customers for any queries but also to share what’s new, how to use your products or to inform them about any discounts or special offers.

How does Lara manage your community?

When managing your social media accounts we thoroughly analyze your target audience. This step is necessary to define the type of the public we will be spreading the information about your brand to. Depending on your business objectives we will define a content marketing strategy that will include posts, videos and other media that will be posted on Facebook and Instagram within an agreed period of time.

Does the engagement affect my business results?

Likes, comments and messages and shares define the overall commitment of your customers or fans towards your products and services. Engagement on your social media channels contributes to driving traffic to your website, creates a positive image of your brand, leads to higher customer loyalty, and is able to convert website visitors to customers.