Influencer Marketing

Gone are the times when the ads were limited to print, radio and broadcasting. With increased popularity of social media and people who are worldwide daily seeking their inspiration on the social networks, there is a possibility to take advantage of so called influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is defined as a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

How can influencers be useful for my brand?

Connecting with the right influencer allows you to expose your products or services in front of many people at once. Influencers are often knowledgeable in a certain area (for instance hair care, skin care or fashion) and regularly post about certain subject. By letting them be in charge of promotion of your products or service you’re allowing them be showcased in a natural, original and convenient way.

Choosing the right influencer

Selecting the right account to promote your products or service/s requires knowing the target audience of your candidate for the influencer. The more you match the target audience of your brand with the audience of your influencer, the higher chances you have for exposing your products and services to the right public.

Can I measure the results of my influencer marketing efforts?

Similarly to paid advertising on social media, influencer marketing activities should be performed with a concrete objective / objectives being defined. Whether you intend to grow your followership, raise awareness of a certain product or increase your sales, Lara’s influencer marketing service will help you set up the promotion in a most efficient way possible while tracking the results on the way.

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